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The Huge Advantage of PLTR Stock

The commercial sector of PLTR provides services to private sector clients. Palantir Technologies Inc. creates and implements a software platform for the US intelligence community to assist in counter-terrorism investigations and operations.

The CEO of the company believes that the way to stop fraudsters and break banks is to work wisely with people to balance quantitative opportunities with intuition and experience. Look, this gave PayPal an advantage in online payments, which led to the acquisition of eBay. After the sale of PayPal, Thiel wanted to use the synergy between this technology and people to fight crime, which gave rise to the original PLTR concept starting.

The deep radical competitive advantage of PLTR has been established, and its driving force is the production of software that most provides people in the entire technical field with human and machine power. The user interface is an integral part of it, which is why PLTR stock at has gone through an extremely long and tedious way of working side by side with users to customize the most intuitive software for each client.

Important factors for PLTR in future

PLTR makes its products so outstanding by sending engineers called FDE to see for themselves the delicate needs of users. For many years, PLTR reduced the average deployment time from five times to 14 days. Typically, consulting firms and system integrators take months to make software obsolete when it is available. Compared to technology consulting companies, this advantage stems from the standardized PLTR Gotham / Foundry platform. It provides automotive, financial compliance, legal intelligence, and merger and acquisition solutions. Its products include Palantir Gotham and Palantir Foundry. And allows their users to analyze the data they need in one place.

The combination of more business users and developers has also improved the ability for PLTR users to easily describe their data problems, and developers can respond quickly with custom software solutions. In general, PLTR promptly reports that customers have become self-sufficient in using and improving the performance of Gotham and Foundry. This evolution of the ecosystem between users and developers will eventually make PLTR a cornerstone of customer operations. PLTR offers two types of products, mainly Gotham for government administrative control and foundry for trade. However, the business model of the company is strongly dependent on the government’s investments and government policies. Thus, in case you invest, I think, your return will also be dependent on the government’s investments and government policies. Hence, you need to focus also on the view of the US government.  Before investing, you can check PLTR news.