Relocating to a new place is a great challenge to face, and shifting alone in a new city where you don’t have any friends and family can be hard for you. Some people get depressed and lonely while they are far away from their homes. You may be living in some luxury area of Dubai, like Port De La Mer Dubai or Jumeirah Beach Residence, so it becomes really hard for you to find friends as everybody is busy in their lives. If you are living around the centre of the city then most probably people are friendly, and you will find it easier to make friends. Friends make your life happier even at the worst moments, while in the frustrating and busy routine, it is important to make friends make your life joyful.

Here are some tips you should follow to make friends in Dubai


There are many types of people but most of them fall in these categories.

Introvert: those who are shy, and feel it really hard to communicate with people and grow their social circle.

Extrovert: these are the people who love to communicate, and don’t hesitate in striking up the conversation.

Ambivert: the Ambiverts are a combination of both, in the start, they don’t usually open up, but once they do you are going to be amazed by their humour.

You should identify yourself, in which category you fall in, and only then you should make your approach.

You will find plenty of newcomers in the city, so it will be a better approach by asking them for how much time they have been living here, or what are the interesting things they find about this city.

If you are an extrovert, then many people will approach you themselves and will try to give an introduction and details about the city. Be polite and go slow, not open up too quickly with everyone, and avoid talking about politics and religion at first.


Another way of hunting like-minded people is to follow your interest and hobbies. You should start learning some skills of your choice, and there you will find plenty of like-minded people.

The good thing about joining groups is you at least find a person who shares the same kind of interest and hobbies.

There are groups for almost everything in Dubai. You should not just show up once and vanish, as no one is going to know you if you do that. You should give that a chance at least more than once.

If you are a woman and you find it hard to connect with people, then there are many coffee groups in Dubai you can join.


In Dubai, you will meet many new people on a daily basis. You should give them something to contact you, but if you are a woman don’t give you the new phone number of Dubai before knowing the person.

You can make a new email address to communicate with people of your profession.


Your dare is to move out and try to communicate with people of different cultures and countries. This is the first thing you will notice in Dubai that the population of Expat is enormous. According to some research, 85% of the population of the city consists of Expats, and the common link among most of them is that they speak English.

Making friends of different cultures and nationalities is so fun, and if you are up for it, you will find plenty of such people. You are going to live a joyful life if you try to do that, as you are going to learn new things about different cultures and religions.

Dubai is a city with a friendly environment. It is up to you what life you chose to live. There are people busy in their lives, not having a social circle, but they feel lonely at some point in their lives. People living in luxury villas and apartments like District one villas Dubai and Burj Al Arab don’t communicate that effectively, as they have a busy schedule, and can not afford to make friends that much. The people living in the centre of the city like Deira and around Burj Khalifa are more friendly and love to communicate.